Nicky's Abstracts

This page is for abstracts from presentations which I have given at recent conferences, and also for other documents which people might find interesting.

There are a number of different topics:

If there is a particular article that you are interested in, you can e-mail me on

All material is Nicky Hayes.
You are welcome to use any or all of this material,
as long as you give credit to its source.

So far, this page includes:

  • A paper: Recent Developments in British Psychology
  • An abstract: Changing values in psychological knowledge
  • An abstract: Are we getting through? The Psychological Basis of Scientific Communication
  • An abstract: Interactive Learning - the demands of the task
  • An abstract: Psychological Dimensions of Organisational Cultures
  • A paper: Social identity and organisational consultancy
  • A rather lengthy article: the Psychological Foundations of Foundations of Psychology about the thinking which underlay the writing of my large textbook Foundations of psychology, and the Instructor's Manual which accompanies it.

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