Psychology Teaching Resources

Photocopyable OHP images

On these pages you will find master copies of OHPs, taken from "Foundations of Psychology" by Nicky Hayes.

You can print these out, and then photocopy them onto acetate sheets for use in overhead projectors. All the pages are in black and white. Just follow these three steps:

  • Load the page you want using your web browser

  • Adjust the size of the page by pulling the resize box in the bottom right-hand corner of your web browser, until you have the width of page that you want

  • Select "print" from the file menu.

    You are welcome to use these pages as much as you like for teaching purposes or your own use. You may also use them in handouts or other publications, but if you do, please acknowledge that the copyright belongs to Nicky Hayes.

    Don't forget to scroll down the page to see other acetates for that chapter!

    Chapter 1

    Perspectives in Psychology

    Chapter 2


    Chapter 3


    Chapter 4


    Chapter 5

    Thinking and Reasoning

    Chapter 6


    Chapter 7

    Theories of Personality

    Chapter 8

    The Medical Model of Abnormal Behaviour

    Chapter 9

    Alternatives to the Medical Model

    Chapter 10

    Brain Development and Clinical Neuropsychology

    Chapter 11


    Chapter 12

    Sensation and Parapsychology

    Chapter 13

    Emotion and Motivation

    Chapter 14

    Self and Others

    Chapter 15

    Understanding Others

    Chapter 16

    Social Influence and Social Action

    Chapter 17

    Attitudes, Prejudice and Crowd Behaviour

    Chapter 18

    Learning and Skill Development

    Chapter 19

    Cognitive Development and Social Awareness

    Chapter 20

    Social Development

    Chapter 21

    Lifespan Developmental Psychology

    Chapter 22

    Introducing Comparative Psychology

    Chapter 23

    Animal Behaviour

    Chapter 24

    Animal Communication

    Chapter 25

    Methods and Ethics in Psychology

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