My Qualifications and stuff

Degrees and things

BSc (Hons) Psychology obtained 1975

PhD "Social identity, social representations and organisational culture" obtained 1992

Post-graduate Certificate in Education obtained 1980

Master of Education (MEd) obtained 1983

Other stuff

I am also a Chartered Psychologist,

a Fellow of the British Psychological Society,

a Member of the Royal Institution A member of the ILT

and an Honorary Life Member of the Association for the Teaching of Psychology.

I am in the British Psychological Society's Register of Chartered Psychologists, and I also hold BPS Statements of Competence in Occupational Testing Levels A and B

But what all this really means is that I get bored every few years, and have to go and learn something new. After a while, the qualifications build up...

I was dead chuffed to be given a Fellowship, though. That's a rather different kettle of fish.

I also have a cycling proficiency certificate, a fire prevention certificate, and a certificate to say that I once did a parachute jump.

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