What can you do about Exam Stress?

We all know that exams are stressful experiences.

But there's a lot you can do to deal with that stress so that it will work for you, instead of against you.

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Dealing with stress means handling it effectively, by:

Making sure it stays within manageable levels

Converting the stress that you do feel into extra energy and motivation, to improve your revision and exam performance.

You can tackle exam stress in two ways:




The Main Point

A little stress can be a good thing - it helps you to try that bit harder, and to keep going more. But stress is cumulative, and each extra stressful event or situation adds to the total. If it builds up too much, it can start interfering with your exam performance.

So the key to managing exam stress is to get to grips with the little stresses in your life (the big ones won't go until the exams are over, anyway). If you make sure that they don't make things worse, you'll find that tackling the big stresses of the exams themselves is well within your grasp.