My book Teach Yourself Psychology has now gone into a second edition. This book is at the other end of the spectrum from Foundations of Psychology. Although both books are for people who haven't read much psychology before, this one isn't a textbook. Instead, it was written as a general interest book, designed for people who are just interested in psychology, but not doing a course or anything. I'm actually very pleased with it: it was a treat being able to write a book which wasn't tied to any syllabus, and which could simply talk about the type of psychology which is relevant to everyday living. But at the same time, it is all "real" psychology, and I've put the academic references for it on a special page, in case anyone's interested in following them up further.

Its ISBN number is: 0 07 140719 7

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This book, Teach Yourself Applied Psychology, was written as a companion volume for Teach Yourself Psychology. It covers eighteen different areas of Applied Psychology, ranging from the most popular ones like clinical and educational psychology, to the more obscure but extremely inspirational Space Psychology. If you're interested in what psychologists actually do, and the various ways that psychology can be put to use, then this is for you. And it's pretty helpful if you're thinking about choosing a career in psychology, too!

Its ISBN number is: 0 340 77226 3

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A Student's Dictionary of Psychology

A Student's Dictionary of Psychology was written by Peter Stratton and myself, as a kind of "random-access textbook". It's a bit different from most other dictionaries, since it gives full paragraph explanations of the words and the psychological concepts underlying them, instead of just a couple of lines. It is also extensively cross-referenced, for which reason it has earned itself the nickname "the instant essay book". The idea is that by diligently following up all of the cross-references, students can obtain enough information to write their A level or GCSE homework essay.... One of these years, we're hoping to make it into a CD-ROM, if we can find the time and/or money.

Its ISBN number is: 0 340 70583 3

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As I said, I'm pleased with Teach Yourself Psychology. So, apparently, were the publishers, who decided to re-publish the first edition with a different title and cover, as Access to Psychology. They think that it is suitable for new students undertaking Access courses, and that teachers might be put off by the "Teach Yourself" title. I have mixed feelings about this. If you bought both this and the first edition, my apologies - but it really wasn't my decision to make! Apart from that, I can see it as really being quite a good book for Access students, mainly because of its real-life relevance.

Here are the academic references for this book.

Its ISBN number is: 0 340 64396 X

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