My textbook Foundations of Psychology is my largest book to date, with over a thousand pages. It is an introductory textbook, for students on reasonably advanced courses, such as first-year University, professional courses like nursing or management, or those studying psychology at GCE A level. The book contains "mainstream" psychology, organised into six general sections: cognitive psychology, individual and abnormal psychology, physiological psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology and comparative psychology. But there is, of course, an introductory chapter giving general perspectives, and a final one which discusses psychological methodology, ethics and the like. An article about the philosophical, personal and pedagogical thinking which underlies the book was published recently in the journal Social Science Teacher The chapter list for Foundations can be found here. Foundations is published by Nelson

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Foundations Of Psychology: Instructor's Manual

As you can see from the picture, Foundations of Psychology also has an accompanying Instructor's Manual, which really does have a black-and white cover. It also contains a comprehensive set of learning objectives (over 20 for each chapter), and a full set of multiple-choice questions relating to them. The idea is that the learning objectives will help teachers to develop distance learning units or specific assessment packages for the 24 chapters in the main textbook. There is some discussion about the manual and its aims here, in the general article about the psychological foundations of Foundations of Psychology

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A First Course in Psychology

This was my very first book, which is now in its third edition. I originally wrote it in 1980, but it was rejected by over 50 textbook publishers on the grounds that there was "no market" for introductory psychology books. As a result, it wasn't published until 1984, and then only tentatively. However, I have been able to extend it with each new edition, and it continues to sell well. As you might expect, though, I have been a little sceptical about publishers' pronouncements on the subject of the psychology market ever since...!

The book is used by GCSE students, but it is often useful for other courses as well, including nursing and social care courses. Like "Foundations of Psychology", it is published by Nelson.

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