Successful Team Management

This book is part of the ITBP Essential Business Psychology series. In it, I explore some of the psychology underlying teamworking, and in particular the role of social identification and motivation in establishing and maintaining teams.

In part, the book derives from my doctoral research, which was concerned with the psychological dimensions of organisational cultures; but a great deal of it comes from my own consultancy experience. It doesn't have snappy gimmicks or tricks for trainers - although it does cover the main approaches to team-building and measurement. For the most part, though, it works on the idea that if we understand the psychological basis of teamworking and team management, then we will be better equipped to do it properly.

One other word: this book is about teams at work, and that means any kind of work. It will be just as useful for a headteacher, a local government officer, a doctor, or someone running a small business as for a team manager in a large multinational!

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Psychology: Theory and Application

This book was written by Phil Banyard and myself, in an attempt to show something of the extremely large range of applications that psychology has in the real world. What we have done is to take small chunks of "maintream" psychology - the sort of psychology covered in classic textbooks like Foundations of Psychology (who, me, advertise?) only in a lot less detail - and then given examples of studies, clinical interventions, or professional practices which have drawn on this knowledge. Probably the best thing about the book, though, are the marginal bits: little snippets of information, amusing examples, and ideas which illustrate the text. These were almost all done by Phil, and most of them are very funny. We've also included a few biographical notes from famous, but living, psychologists, having got a bit bored with dead ones.

The book is aimed at students of psychology on applied courses: management, nursing, social work, marketing or advertising, education, and so on. It is also quite useful as a tutorial text, to extend students' awareness of how psychology can be applied; although the level of theory covered would be a little low-level for an advanced psychology course.

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Psychology In Perspective

This is a book of essays - or "rants", as I prefer to call them. They mostly began as lectures to student workshops, and eventually became a book, published by Macmillan. Essentially, they are about some of the socio-political influences which lurk beneath the surface of some established psychological theories, and about the dangers of reductionism as the answer to all ills. There are essays on reductionism, behaviourism and other "isms" of psychology; but there are also essays on some of the new developments, such as the methodological revolution which is implied by our increasing concern with ethical responsibility (the abstract for that essay is here ), and the transformation in social psychology brought about by the European perspective. There's also a long rant about sociobiology, and another on the hidden politics under the surface of the nature-nurture debate on intelligence.

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Doing Psychological Research

All you ever wanted to know about psychological research - well, an introduction to it, anyway.

In this book, I have introduced the main ways that psychologists go about gathering data, and how they analyse it. It gives enough detail that it could be used by a student of psychology - at first year degree level, or at A level, and in that context it's a pretty comprehensive textbook. It covers a wide range of research methods, ranging from formal experiments to interviews and diary methods. It also covers a range of analytical techniques, looking at several different ways of doing qualitative analysis as well as covering basic statistics.

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